Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free of Suffering

"In Buddhism compassion is defined as the wish that all beings be free of their suffering."  -  An Open Heart, The Dalai Lama

This morning as I was doing laundry, I had the tv on in the laundry room and noticed that the 80's movie, Resurrection was on.  I had forgotten how good this movie was with Sam Sheppard and Ellen Bursten .  Basically, she becomes a healer, and takes away physical suffering.  It is a complex story, and a great movie.

Friends often tell me that I have compassion, that is how they describe me......and I suppose looking at the Buddhist definition .......then yes I do have compassion.  It is very difficult for me to  see others suffer in any way......humans,all creatures great and small.

As I watched Resurrection this morning, I sat there and thought about how wonderful it would to be able to take away someone's suffering........and then I thought about how, maybe as humans we can't totally take away suffering, but we can comfort, we can love, we can lift each other up, we can bring joy,
there is much that we can do to help ease suffering.

Even though we as humans are often the cause of suffering in those around us, we can ease suffering.  We can simply smile at others,  we can love others, 
we can help those who need help, we can think before we speak, we can practice kindness.  I think one of the most important things we can do as humans.......treat others as we want to be treated, or  "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  

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  1. I am sorry for not stopping by sooner, but I'm glad that I did. This is a wonderful piece! And it made me smile.
    Thank you.