Wednesday, July 15, 2020


The heat and humidity has been almost unbearable today.  This evening something the weather guys called an upfront came through and the temp dropped about 10 degrees.  South of us there is rain and the low that caused the rain in the south created a cooling wind for us.  Wow.  I know I am such a geek sometimes.

Rick is still not feeling well so we will do another call with our primary doc in the morning and hopefully get him better.

Neither of us have had much sleep the past couple of nights, fingers crossed tonight we sleep.
Be  kind, be well, be safe.


  1. Jilda, tell me that Rick is OK. I read a comment from Lisa on Rick's blog saying RIP Rick. Prayers for Jilda and family. If this is so, I'm so very sorry.
    Hugs and prayers.

  2. Yes a good nights sleeps so important to healing and good health. Hope you both do sleep better.

  3. Jilda....I am in tears right now and I never ever met your wonderful, sweet and caring husband who had so much life in his words and pictures. I know your nephew will be devastated and your doggies must be lost, never mind you. I can’t imagine what you must be dealing with and no words of mine can give the comfort you need right now. I am just so very sad...this is a shock.

  4. Dear Jilda, please know that I'm so sorry and sad to hear about Rick. I know we've never met but I feel like I've come to know you both through the words and music you and Rick have shared over the years. Jack and I send not just our condolences but also our love to you and your family.

  5. Sad news indeed. Condolences to you, Jilda, --from Norma and me.

  6. My sincere condolences!
    May God strenghten you, Jilda, at this time of grief and sorrow!