Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sunday Thoughts

A day of rest today for both of us.  Rick overdid  it in the heat yesterday and I think became dehydrated.  So for him it has been rest and lots of fluids today.
For me, I have read and worked with some new water color paints that I bought.  I love them, they are very vivid and luminous, made in France and get this, have a honey base.
Storms moved in and this afternoon has been so much cooler.  But this is only mid-July and I am sure there is much more heat and humidity to come.
A brand new week.  Our numbers here are still rising daily, so are our deaths.  Wear your masks, keep your distance, wash your hands and please be kind.


  1. Have fun with your new paints. Hope Rick feels better soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Sunday's are always my day of rest, so I'm ready for a new week. Never heard of paints with honey in them. How fascinating. Have a wonderful Monday!