Monday, July 13, 2020


We got three inches of rain yesterday. Suddenly the moss and the mold and mushrooms are every where.
This morning was heaven, only 68 degrees.  That's a rarity by Wednesday it will be around 75 for a nighttime low and a daytime of high of 96, and oh yes the humidity will be a guest at the party.

It's been a slap hazard sort of day.  You know, one of those when you start something and then you have to do something else and then it becomes like a train wreck of dominos or like those circles on the log in my photo tonight.  You take a deep breath, do what you can do and figure out the rest tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, be kind and be well.


  1. Thankfully we get a free start and anew chance every morning. Hope your today is better than your yesterday.

  2. We all get days like that once in a while. It's a good thing that we have a new day to start all over.
    Hugs, Julia