Friday, July 10, 2020


I have spent the past couple of days painting our new mail box and our street address sign.
We are known for our blueberries and our bees so that's what I painted.    I didn't realize until I started  but the mail box is not smooth, it is covered in tiny ridges.  It is always interesting painting on texture and a black background.
Hot humid weather ( dog days) hit this week, low to mid 90's  and heat index of 100 or more.  It is summer time in Alabama.
Ya'll be kind, stay well.


  1. You did a wonderful job painting the mailbox. My wife, Norma, painted a foot-square plaque on our front fence with our address. I had nailed numbers on the post but we still got neighbors' mail and they got ours. We'd find each other wandering through the fields, bearing packages and posts, sort things out. It became a major mode of social interaction. Then we all resolved to make our addresses inexcusably visible. None here are so lovely as yours, but the plan worked!

  2. That's a great mailbox I should do something with mine to set it off from all the rest. But then I'm not as talented as you are.