Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Butterfly Bush

I dead head our blooming shrubs and plants daily.  It can be tedious and taxing, but the pay off is great.  More blooms and a longer blooming season are the results of dead heading, as are healthier plants.   My butterfly bushes are a prime example, the blooms just keep coming.
Today is July 1, Happy Canada Day to our friends up north. 
For my American friends, especially those who live in areas like I do where the daily Covid 19 positives and deaths are rising, mask, distance, wash your hands.
Be kind, be well.


  1. Your blooms are so very pretty, definitely worth the work you put into the dead heading. Yes numbers are going up again. I just hope we don't get shut down a gain. Although I've been staying safe at home. I hate to see people out of work.

  2. Those blossoms are so pretty. I only planted Butterfly bush once from seeds. I had transplanted them by the big rock. A while later, I noticed that the Butterfly Bushes were no where to be seen. My son told me later, "Mom, I weeded your garden by the big rock" then I knew what happened to my Butterfly Bushes. lol. He thought they were weeds and he was doing me a favor.
    Hugs, Julia