Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Bob's Zinnia

It was Christmas in July at our house yesterday.  Our friend Pamela Whitworth from Tennessee sent us two books by Douglas W. Tallamy, "Bringing Nature Home" and "Nature's Best Hope."  Tallamy writes about conservation starting in your own back yard.  Cannot wait to read both these books.

Then our friend Robert H. Miller ( Bob), from Scottsdale, Az sent me the most beautiful piece of art.
Bob is a gifted artist who has so kindly given us pieces of his art since we first met.  I have a painting of one of our roosters that Bob did several years ago that hangs on the wall above our dinning table.
Yesterday he gifted me with "Zinnia".    He will never know how much his gifts mean to me.
His talent is so amazing and I an honored that he has shared his works with us.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of these two friends.  We met Bob through the blogging world, we met Pam in Nashville through our music.  I love that life brings blessings when we least expect them.  I think that is what blessings are, gifts of love when we need them most.
They don't always have to be actual gifts, sometimes they are hugs, smiles, a call, a note but they show up out of the blue and they leave you with  a better appreciation of the human race.

This life is short no matter how long you live.  It can be difficult but it can also sweep you off your feet with joy.  It's important and now more than ever that we all reach out to each other. That we share our blessings daily.  I believe there is only one race, the human one and we need each other to survive.  Kindness and service to each other will keep us alive and help us to thrive.


  1. What a beautiful painting and wonderful friend. So true we all need each other more than ever.

  2. Christmas in July not something I have ever done
    The artwork is awesome

  3. Beautiful artwork.He must know how much you love zinnias.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Friends are a true treasure and yours have certainly brightened your day! What a lovely piece of artwork. I looked over past posts and I love all the lovely flowers and your harvest of veggies is awesome!