Thursday, July 2, 2020

Southern Humidity

We live in the south eastern United States, north central Alabama to be exact.  Our summers are hot and humid, most days you feel the dampness on your skin the moment you step outside.  ( and I don't sweat)  Winters are usually mild to moderate.  If we are lucky we have some semblance of fall and spring, many years we don't.  Tomorrow the dog days of summer start, hot sticky days and nights that seem to have no end in sight.
In years past, we have had friends who have made the mistake of visiting us during July or August.  They are usually from places where hot means an occasional 85 or 90 degree day with little humidity.
They usually don't come back.  Now the ones from colder climates who visit during fall, winter or spring want to move here.  They think how wonderful it must be, rarely any snow or ice, nice moderate temperatures.  We always tell them to come back in July and August.
A few years ago we were at the Phoenix, Az airport.  Everyone was complaining about the heat.  It was a 100 degrees but no humidity.  We laughed. We encouraged them to visit Alabama in July and August.
Our friends in Ireland who have visited Alabama in late summer call it the "hot country."
It's the humidity that makes our summers so brutal. But it is also why everything is so lush and green.  It's the humidity that makes us guzzle gallons of ice tea each summer, why long flowing skirts and dresses are so much cooler, and ponytails are appropriate hairdos for three year olds to 80 year olds.  I think the humidity is why southern women are known for their "big hair".  You reach a point where you just don't fight the humidity anymore and the hair gets bigger and bigger.
Tomorrow starts the beginning of our holiday weekend here, the 4th of July.  Stay safe, wear those masks, distance wash your hands.  Be kind, always, be kind.


  1. We had very high humidity yesterday and 86℉.I wore a bandana around my forehead to stop the sweat was from dripping into my eye glasses.I'm sure I got rid of a lot of toxin from my pores while weeding.Then we had a good downpour which cooled the air. I only sweat in hot humid weather.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. I don't like humidity when I have sweat dripping off me