Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Welcome Santa

 The tree is up, all the decorations are out, and the last of the cards go out tomorrow.  Time to wrap gifts  and then enjoy these next few days.  The past few days we have spoken with friends and made plans for the new year.  Visits are a top priority for us in 2019, it has been ages since we have  visited so many of our friends and that is sad.  It seems everyone is in that constant rush, I am so ready to slow my journey down a little and really smell the roses.   I made this Santa wreath many years ago, but I still love to display it.  Painting my cards has reminded me of how much I love to paint, I have missed it.   Enjoy your hump day, spread some joy, be kind.


  1. I never tire of looking at Christmas Decorations. Your wreath is one that is very welcoming for sure. Sad but true I don't have any Santa's here at my house. Something I need to correct. He is symbol of the Christmas spirit and spreads cheer everywhere he goes. I've always thought as long as you believe, you'll keep the Christmas spirit of alive.

  2. I love your Santa wreath. I bet you have sweet memories attached to it.
    I've always wanted to try my hand at painting but never tried. Some of my sisters and sister in law are beautiful painters.
    Visiting is almost a lost tradition, like you said, everyone is so busy.
    Hugs, Julia