Monday, December 17, 2018

More Christmas

One more Christmas decor picture and I promise no more until I do the tree.

The sun came out today and blue skies were stunning.   Everyone was in a better mood.

But, I am so happy, we are suppose to have snow flurries this weekend.
I am doing my happy dance.

All my classes were packed today.  I am tired so ready for bed.

Enjoy your week.  Be kind.


  1. I would also do a happy dance if we had snow! Lovely photo.

  2. Maybe you'll have to buy a snow machine like they use on the ski slopes when there's not enough snow, lol.
    You and Rick could have a snow fight and then go in for hot chocolate.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Blue sky and sunshine always improves my mood and I feel more energetic too. It seems we have not chance of snow for Christmas here, but we never know about the weather, it changes quickly. Hope you do get some there . Every one loves a white Christmas.