Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 1

December 1... Rick's mom's birthday is today, my mom's will be on the 7th...the holidays are not the same when mom is no longer with you

December 1...rainy and warm, we moved into our little cottage on this day 35 years ago, Auburn and Alabama were playing in Birmingham and a tornado swept over the stadium, we have two tornado seasons in Alabama, lucky us

December 1...Prototype Christmas cards are drawn, now I have to decide which design to go with and paint

December 1...lots to do, making lists, checking them twice...decorating, shopping, wrapping, cards and cooking to be done

December weekend time to go look for a tree

December 1...Christmas music on the stereo, I like the offbeat as well as the traditional

December favorite part of Christmas, making cookies with the kids on Christmas eve after we have had breakfast at my brother's house

December 1...Christmas Eve night, Rick and I open our gifts to each other, have some champagne, get ready for a long winter's nap

December 1...Rick's sister's birthday is also this month, so is my nephew Haven's, his wife's Alesha and our niece Jayna

December 1...This coming week, we will do our yard decorations and then I start in the house.  The tree is is the last thing I do.

December 1...last month of the year, 2018 has moved so quickly

December 1...I hope we have snow sometime this month


  1. Happy month of December. Although bitter sweet, it sounds like it will be a joy filled month for you. And a busy one, I can relate to that. Hope you are having a restful Sunday, You're definitely going to need it in the days ahead.

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