Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Tree

Rainy and cold, so Rick picked up Chinese for dinner.  It was so very tasty. 

Tomorrow we will finish our shopping and then I wrap.  Breathe a sigh of relief.
Colder tomorrow so that should really put us in the Christmas spirit.

The dogs are a little confused about the Christmas tree.  It blocks their view of squirrel and deer patrol.  But they have learned to wriggle their way around it.  I hold my breath every time we leave hoping Hook won't take it down while we are gone.

Tomorrow is Winter Solstice, we celebrate the longest night with our gratitude ceremony because we know the light begins to grow with each passing day.
As I write this I can smell our tree.  It is a lovely ice blue cedar and the smell has not weakened in a week indoors.  It is small and not perfectly shaped but it suits us and our little cottage.

During these next few days, don't forget to breathe, don't strive for perfection and always be kind.


  1. That's a lovely tree! Kudos to you!

  2. Your little tree looks very Christmasy and cheery. The icicles reminds me of my childhood memories of our Christmas tree.
    Happy Winter Solstice. I'm happy that the daylight will get longer every day. It gives hope for Spring.
    Hugs, Julia