Friday, December 7, 2018

Little Giant

I was beyond excited today, our favorite produce market has reopened.   The Little Giant Produce stand has been in my hometown of Sumiton since before Rick and I married ( we've been married 44 years).  This summer the young  man whose father had started the business  announced that he was closing the store.  I did not take the news well.  This market has sold the freshest produce you can buy all these years.  When ever possible they buy from local farmers ( yes they have bought from us) and they go to the huge farmer's market and Birmingham and  hand pick what they sell.

The young man's dad had died and his heart was just not in the business.  But a young family had moved into the area and they have opened the market.  The new owner had grown up in a family market business and loved it and was thrilled to reopen Little Giant.  Today as we walked in, my first words were "I am so glad you have reopened."  While we were there other shoppers came and exclaimed the same thing.  I hope nothing but good things for this young couple and their venture.
While we were there he talked about the how he loved the community spirit that the market provided as well as the fresh produce.

So we left with bags full of fruits, vegetables and nuts.  We were almost giddy.  Oh yes the original owners had carried the best ever fruit cakes each holiday season, they had them in stock today. I admit one came home with the Watsons.

I know for many people they think that produce is just fine at the local grocer.  I promise there is a difference and once you have the freshest to be found , it is hard to settle for anything else.
We feel the same way about our meats that we purchase.  The town also has a family grocer with their own butcher who hand cuts all the meat and poultry.  We are spoiled.

I hope your day has been a good one.  Even though it is very cold and rainy, it has been a good day.
The dogs were not happy about walking in the rain, but they got new beds today so tonight they are nestled in new cozy beds.  Enjoy your weekend, be safe, be kind.


  1. I noticed that the sign says Closed on Sunday. Thumb's up from me... I like that. I think that all the stores should be closed on Sunday like old time.

    I'm glad your farm market reopened. It's good for the community and for that family. I hope they do well.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Lucky you! We used to have a farmers market close by that sounds a lot like yours, and yes, I miss it. So far, there is no news of anyone else taking over. Very cold here and time to put another layer on. Hope you have a super Saturday!