Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rest in the Darkness

45 cards are now drawn and waiting to be painted, that will start Tuesday or Wednesday.  We visited our favorite tree farm today and got our tree, a beautiful blue ice cedar which we will plant on our farm after New Years.  It smells heavenly. It will be a few days before it is decorated, but that's ok.

Another cold rainy day, but you know like these days.  They give me a great sense of connecting to mother nature as she rests  these next few weeks.  I like that feeling of slowing down, going inward during the cold dark days and then the explosion of energy as the season changes moving toward spring. 

I think that as humans it is important to feel a connection to nature, to be mindful of the darkening of the days as a time to rest and contemplate our lives.  Then as days grow longer and brighter to know and embrace the possibilities of all things new and reborn, of growth.

I hope this week brings a greater sense of peace and hope to all. I hope that we remember we are spiritual beings experiencing a human form and that we all belong to the human race.
May we all be kind to each other.


  1. I agree with your lovely reflective post today.
    Peace to you Jilda.

  2. I love your expression of the dark days as a way of slowing down and taking rest just as does nature. I only wish I could hibernate and come out like a groundhog when Spring arrives. Ha !