Saturday, December 8, 2018

Labor of Love

Rick worked at the newspaper all day.  I washed my yoga blankets for work and then I started working on my Christmas cards.  I do the sketch on each one first, so I have sketched 40 cards today.
Tomorrow I lay down the water colors and then the acrylics and then I add the special finishes like pearl, gold or silver.  They are a labor of love.

It has rained constantly all day.  A very cold pouring rain, so for my snack this afternoon  I had hot tea and fruitcake.  Dinner tonight was comfort food at it's best, chicken and dumplings.

I have gone two days now without migraine/vertigo and nausea and no meds.  My heart is full of gratitude.  Hopefully the shots have fully kicked in and I will have smooth sailing for many months.
This Menieres can be such a beast.

We are already in our pjs and I think Rick just put the water in the tea kettle.  Can we say early bedtime?   We are such party animals.

May we all feel peace tomorrow, may we all know kindness and love.


  1. Chicken and dumplings, and fruitcake. All are good food for a rainy day.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of sketching and painting.
    The comfort food sounds delicious.
    Peace 🕊
    Hugs, Julia