Monday, December 24, 2018

Baking Christmas Cookies

Breakfast with my brother Ricky and his family this morning at 8:00.  Then his grandkids came over and made Christmas cookies.  ( his kids use to do that)  We took a well deserved nap, then carried presents to Rick's sister Mary Lois, my sister Pat and my sister Nell.  Then home for Christmas fettuccine and It's A Wonderful Life.  Busy day.

I enlisted the help of my great niece Daisy to help me with the baking today.  She loves to cook and for an eleven year old, she is awesome.  We came over right after breakfast and got the dough ready, cut out the cookies and placed a cookie sheet full of cookies at each kid's chair.  Then she got all the sprinkles, pearls, stars place in little bowls so that everyone could decorate their cookies any way they wished.  We had a grand time.  We are still sweeping up sugar crystals tonight.

Christmas Eve will soon be over, I hope your Christmas Day is full of joy, full of peace and full of love.


  1. You just need some Christmas hats to look like Christmas kitchen elves. I hope you left some for Santa.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. What a great memory to treasure in the years to come. Times like that are never forgotten. Merry Christmas !