Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Topsy Turvy

My schedule at work changed this week.  In the past our classes were mixed gender, but after talking with many of our counselors and our director we all felt that separating the genders would be best.
So now the men have their own classes and the women have theirs.  For whatever reason this week's classes have been the smallest they have ever been.  Not sure why but hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

We had planned a beach trip for Rick's birthday this weekend, but the weather is getting iffy here with a cold front moving in just as a front from the Gulf of Mexico moves in as well.  Cold air and moisture does not usually bode well and we could get anything from freezing rain to sleet to snow and ice.  We will reschedule and I will still plan something fun for Rick.

I am finally getting over the Menier's episode Monday night.  It takes a while, between the meds and the loss of fluids from the vomiting I have had a rough couple of days.    This has been a topsy-turvy week.

We are almost mid-January of 2018.  I hope your New Year has treated you kind and you in return have treated those around you kind.  May we all know joy and kindness tomorrow.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams 

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  1. I'm sorry you've been sick again and for the poor turn out of students. It must be the winter blah.

    Here the temperature are warmer for the next three days. I have calf pens to clean and it's not a job I like to do but I have to do it while it's warm.

    I'm wishing you speedy recovery.
    Hugs, Julia