Saturday, January 6, 2018


Today has been a day of chores.  Buying our niece Breeze a birthday gift, pruning fruit trees, and working on our vision boards.  The boards should be done by tomorrow, the trees maybe in a couple of more sessions.

Jordan and Anthony came over and we thought they might help with the moving of all the limbs from the fruit trees, but it was cold and soon even the promise of hot coco would not encourage their help.
This is probably the coldest winter they both have experienced and they are not lovers of the cold.
A day of snow was fun, but they are ready for warmer days now.

I have loved having a weekend of no obligations.  Chores seem to pile up quickly and it is always nice to get the place back in some reasonable order.  We have gotten an inquiry for our first gig of 2018, thanks to a good friend for a recommendation.

Chicken pot pie is in the over, no homemade tonight, sorry, just really good frozen ones from Costco.
Enjoy your Sunday, find some time to meditate, spread some kindness and throw in a little joy and gratitude as well.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I wonder what the boys would think of - 18℃ or -0.4 ℉. It's feels colder with the north wind.

    It's nice having some time to relax. I was doing just that when I took my bulky wool sweater off and the sleeve hit my first glass of red wine and spilled all over some papers my husband just put on my desk. Serves him right for messing up my desk with his pile of papers. I like to keep my desk neat and his is always pile high with papers.

    There will be no apologies on my part. lol.

    Have a restful evening.
    Hugs, Julia