Wednesday, January 3, 2018


What a day.  I have not slowed down, but the tree is now sitting in the front yard waiting to be planted this weekend and all the decorations are down and stored.  Laundry and house cleaning and cooking a pot of black bean soup as well. My bed is calling my name.

I love our home, but it is at it's absolute most charming during Christmas.  I have amassed some sweet and beautiful Christmas decorations through the years.  They all have meaning for me.
I miss them tonight, but I will see them again next December.

No more early Wednesday morning classes for me at work.  They were for the staff and while many said they would love to come, rarely did more than a couple show up.  So starting soon I will do an extra class for the patients on Wednesday afternoons.  The third day of the New Year and already changes taking place.

This weekend Rick and I will work on our Vision Boards, so excited.  But for now, a cup of hot tea awaits me and then my bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I think it a good decision to let go of the early morning classes on Wednesday.

    My decorations are still up and we are awaiting a big snow storm by the sounds of the forecast. They call it the bomb snow storm.

    Hugs, Julia