Sunday, January 7, 2018


It has been such a good weekend, nothing spectacular, just time to accomplish things that needed to be done and rest a little.   Rick finished the apple and peach trees today.  I delivered Christmas gifts to my sister Nell and her family and to my niece Pam. Yoga blankets are washed and vision boards are done.

Even though the temps are above freezing for the first time in almost two weeks I have felt the chill today.  The humidity is rising, rain is  moving in tonight and the dampness made the 40's feel like 20's.

Tomorrow night will be the first community yoga class since the week before Christmas.  I can't wait to see my students.  Many of them have been coming to class for years, so to go a couple of weeks without seeing them is strange.   And yes, I know the college national championship game is on tv tomorrow night, and yes I know Alabama is playing.

My tea is waiting for me, I think I hear rain drops hitting the tin roof.  Good night, Sweet dreams.

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  1. Yes it feel nice to accomplish something that needed to be done. It makes relaxation even more relaxing.