Thursday, January 11, 2018

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness, in the world we live in it is hard to be mindful.  Most of us gulp our food, we could never tell you what we had for breakfast or lunch or dinner, much less how it tasted, how it smelled, what the dinning experience was like. 

We live our lives that way.  If you drive to work can you remember any details, any landmarks or signs of nature that you pass by.  If you commute with public transportation do you make eye contact with anyone around you, could you describe the person sitting next to you?.

At work or at play are you mindful of those around you?  Do you notice if they are sad or happy, well or sick?  Are you mindful of doing your job or do you just go through the motions.

If you are with family and friends do you listen to what they say? Or are you busy thinking of what you might say or what you have to do tomorrow?

It comes down to those two questions I ask my students every day.  What time is it?  Now.  Where are you?  Here.   Be Here Now.

Just for one meal tomorrow, taste your food, savor each bite.  If you are sharing a meal with someone,  take the time to talk with them to experience the moment.  Just for one conversation take the time to listen, to hear what the other person is saying and then take a breath before you speak.
At work pay attention to one detail, be with those you work with, not wishing you were someplace else. ( if that is the case, maybe it's time to get another job.)  If you are with friends or family, be with them.  Not on your phone, or watching tv or reminding yourself of that needs to be done.

Tomorrow practice mindfulness.  If just for moments, be here, now.


  1. Indeed, it's very hard, almost impossible to be mindful in the world we live in.
    That's what we have the third age for, retirement, when we have the time and patience to be mindful to our body, our food, our neighbors, our landscape.
    Of course, there will always be people who'll continue to run away from their Me and mindfulness, by looking for additional work and wasting time on all kinds of people and activities that will ultimately bring them no real benefit.

    Well, everyone and his choices.

  2. So true! We normally rush through life and not enjoy the moment. In my later years, I have tried to be more mindful.