Thursday, January 18, 2018

Out with the Old

It has been an interesting few months here at the Watson house.  Back in the fall our heat pump/cooling unit died and then our microwave died and then this week our dishwasher died and oh yeah, my hair dryer died.  We also bought a new mower this summer, the old one died.  It seems we live in a disposable life.  Nothing lasts long, a few years here a few years there and then gone.  So it goes.  The sad thing, it costs as much or almost as much to repair as it does to replace.

The weather moderated today.  38 degrees for a high, can we sing Heat Wave?   Honestly I am loving the weather.  I own warm clothes.  Unless it has been pouring rain, we have walked the dogs every day this winter.  We just bundle up and it is exhilarating on our morning walks.

There is a new moon tonight and boy was it beautiful on the drive home.  New moon, new beginnings and all sorts of new energy.  Time to begin again and get things done.

Ready for my cup of hot tea tonight.  One class on chronic pain today, one on breath work, all new new faces this week.
Be kind tomorrow, be kind all weekend.

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