Saturday, January 20, 2018

Good/Bad Change

Our lives change, sometimes for the better and then there are the times it gets worse.  My older brother is sick so we visited him today.  He was having a good day, but he looked so very frail.
Then we visited one of our oldest friends and I hope that he knew we were there.  It seems we know so many who are sick right now.   This is when change gets scary.

It has been a beautiful day, 60 degrees with sunshine and more to come tomorrow.  It's January so by the end of next week we could have snow and ice again.  You just have to take the best from each day, spread some love and kindness and keep going.

Our personal lives are changing.  Rick's job at the college/AARP is ending this month.  He will be off the month of February and then he starts with local daily paper.  He has written a column for them for a few years so he will be moving into familiar surroundings and he will have a desk there.

We are excited because we have some bookings for gigs for the upcoming spring and summer.
Can't wait to get started!

Tomorrow is Jordan's birthday party, once again this has been a packed weekend.
Sending hopes out for a peaceful Sunday.  Please be kind. 

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