Friday, January 19, 2018

Dream or Visit

One of the highlights of our musical career together  was getting to open for the late, great John Stewart in Birmingham many years ago.  John was a musical hero when he played with the Kingston Trio but as he evolved into an amazing songwriter and performer on his own I grew to respect his talents even more.

A couple of years ago on FB I was lucky enough to become friends with his wife Buffy ( a wonderful singer/writer on her own).  It is so obvious with her FB posts the wonderful relationship and love affair that she and John had.

The night Rick and I opened for John in Birmingham he was so very kind and generous to us.  We saw him a couple of years later and he  remembered us and once again was so kind and gracious.

Last night I dreamed of John.  I dreamed that Rick and I were in Woodside California.  We saw a small cafe and there were so many people sitting outside eating, listening to someone on a small stage play music.  Everyone was smiling, just enjoying the moment.  In my dream, I walked into the cafe to get some food and there was John Stewart standing at the counter.  I said hello to him and he smiled.
He then looked at me and said I know you.  I laughed and reminded him of the time so many years ago that Rick and I had opened for him in Birmingham.  With all his kindness and grace and a twinkle in his eye, he smiled and said of course I remember you.  He wanted to know if we were still playing and writing and encouraged us to never stop.  I looked at him and told him how magical this cafe was, how wonderful and friendly all the people were.  He smiled and said yes he would be going on stage next.  I looked at him and exclaimed that this was the most wonderful place I had ever been and I never wanted to leave.  He looked at me and said but you can't stay, you have to go.  Then I woke up.

It was one of those dreams that seemed so real, and I was so happy and felt so great when I awoke.
Rick was up making coffee and I could not wait to tell him.  As I sat on the sofa waiting for Rick to bring the coffee to the great room, I glanced at FB.  The first post I saw was from John's wife Buffy stating that today was the 10th anniversary of his death.   Wow...was it a dream or a visit?  I will never know.  But I sure hope I get to visit that place again someday. 

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