Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Gift

Walking across the parking lot in the dark tonight I looked up to find the  moon.  There were wispy clouds covering much of the sky.  But there in the midst of those veils there appeared a golden lake with a river flowing from it.  I had never seen the sky look quite like it did then.  The moon was just rising and as the wisps spread across it it truly looked like a golden lake with a river shimmering below it.  What a gift!

It is still very cold.  But it is invigorating.  I have had so much more energy since our winter began.
I think my body needed the cold as much as the bare trees, as much as the earth does.

Tomorrow I will take down the tree, and as soon as the ground thaws this weekend we will plant it.
Warmer temps and rain moving in should make for a good planting.  I hope it thrives, it is such a beautiful tree.

Tomorrow is hump day.  Remember be kind.

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  1. Lucky you, it will be months before our ground thaws by the look of it. We are still fighting the bitter cold. Hugs, Julia