Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1

May 1...the fifth month of the year, how did it get here so fast?

May 1....our 44th anniversary is May 5th

May1.... Mother's Day is this month, I really miss shopping for my mom

May 1...gardenias bloom this month

May 1...a beach trip is planned

May the whole world looked like technicolor

May 1...May Day, did you celebrate?

May will be out by the end of the month, Jordan can't wait

May 1...blueberries are starting to ripen

May 1....graduations, weddings, vacations, what a busy month

May 1...fresh fruits and veggies, I am in heaven

May 1....cookouts and home-made ice cream

May 1...2017 is almost half gone

May 1...long flowing dresses and skirts, my choice of May clothing

May 1....take a deep breath, this month will be gone before you know it


  1. Welcome May. I plan to make every day count. I plan to be grateful for the beauty, the gifts everyday brings and for being alive.
    Happy May.
    Hugs, Julia