Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Old Survivor

She is an old soul.  Winter ice and cold, summer's droughts have tried their best to kill her, but she survives.  She once stood eight feet tall, last year's drought and heat took her down to less than three feet, but she is a fighter.

At least twenty years ago, we were having lunch with  Rick's mom.  Rick's birthday was coming up in a few weeks and she asked what he wanted.  Rick cheerfully replied, " a shrub."  She asked again and he said the same thing.  For his birthday he got a shrub, this beautiful rhododendron.

I love this plant, her beauty and her strength.  I hope she survives another twenty years.


  1. Hope it lasts forever! I hove one the same color and it's just starting to bloom. Sure wish they lasted all Summer!

  2. It's a sturdy shrub and the blossoms are so beautiful.
    Hugs, Julia