Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Zeus Excitement

I taught an early morning class.  Jordan arrived a few minutes after I made it home.  We have had a fun work day.  We painted five flower pots.  We picked a gallon of blue berries.  He helped cook dinner.  And we had a Zeus the rooster incident.

This morning after we had picked berries we came in for ice cold watermelon.  There was a nice breeze so I left the back door open.  Jordan decided to read his book in the TV room and I was gathering up laundry when I heard a strange thump.  I walked into the great room and there was Zeus.

He seemed quite comfortable walking around the house.  I yelled for Jordan that I need assistance.
In the meantime, Hook and Lady ( Jordan's dog) had come into the house .  They both normally do not even look at the chickens, but I suppose with Jordan and I getting a little excited trying to get Zeus out of the house they got excited too.

Now I have Lady by her collar and Hook by his.  I am now trying to restrain almost two hundred pounds of dogs. Jordan is getting Zeus out the back door, when Lady's collar comes off in my hand.
Hook goes ballistic and grabs Lady's collar out of my hand.  It is like a three ring circus/zoo.  I open the front door, Hook goes out the front.  Finally Lady begins to calm down, Hook has dropped her collar and is calm and Zeus is out in the back yard where he belongs.  The rest of the day was incident free.

That was my hump day, how was yours?


  1. Hahaha, that was quite the excitement. A good thing all turned OK.
    Smiles & hugs,

  2. Did you feel like you were in a Keystone Cops movie?