Friday, May 26, 2017

Busy Friday

A picture perfect day.  Mid-eighties, blue skies, fluffy clouds made the past few days of rain and chilly winds fade away.

The last weekend of May.  June arrives in a few days, the year will soon be half gone.  It has been a strange few months.  January and February were so warm, it seems we should be somewhere in fall.  Yet, there are several months of hot weather to come.  I heard today, the Hurricane folks are saying we could have 3 or 4 big hurricanes.  I am not surprised.  Last weekend at the beach, the water was entirely too warm for May.

We have rehearsed most of the evening for our gig Sunday night.  I hope we have a good crowd, but you never know.  Holiday weekend, rain moving in...audiences can be fickle.  This is Kristin's first time playing Birmingham, I hope she gets a big audience.  She is an incredible artist and we are so lucky that she asked us to open for her.

Taz and Hook have both been my shadows today.  It is interesting, these doggie personalities.
One day they belong to Rick, the next, they are all about me.  Calliou seems to tolerate us both equally.  He has a cat personality, he thinks we are here to serve him.

My cup of hot tea awaits.  It has been a busy day.  It is a holiday weekend.  For those of you on the road, safe travels.  For all of us, take a moment to remember those who have given their lives in the service of their country.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I hope that you are safe from the hurricanes.
    Have a Great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia