Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yellow Flowers

Walking the dogs today I saw these yellow flowers and thought about Rick's mom.  She loved yellow flowers so whenever we put flowers on her grave I try to always make them yellow.  She died about five years ago on a mild February afternoon.   A few days after her funeral I was thinking about her and hoping that she was somewhere peaceful.  I walked down to our mailbox and our forsythia was in full bloom, yellow flowers everywhere.  I laughed and then I saw the most amazing thing, a big yellow and black butterfly in all those yellow flowers.  I knew that she was at peace and happy.

I know many don't believe in signs, but I do.  I think we have to look for them and be in tune with our surroundings.  Awareness is important in every part of our life.  We have to open our eyes as well as our hearts and minds to accept the gifts that are everywhere, just waiting for us.  I hope tomorrow you see the amazing beauty and gifts that surround you.  Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.  May life treat you kind.


  1. My mother died during a bitterly cold January. She so loved her summer flowers. That is what we had for her funeral. I told my granddaughter that whenever she finds a feather it means someone who has died is thinking of her. She was especially close to her great-grandmother and two great-aunts. She finds feathers three at a time.

  2. Those wild Coreopsis flowers are beautiful.
    Yellow reminds me of happy. I'm your Your mother in law is in a happy place.
    Hugs, Julia