Thursday, April 6, 2017

Good Day

My classes today have been so wonderful.  I teach to help others, but I swear the group I have now is helping me to transform.  The past few weeks have made me a better teacher.  These students have made me a better teacher.  I can hardly wait to walk into my class room each day, look at their faces, feel their energy and know it will be a good day.  Even when they are having a bad day,  they come in so thirsty and hungry that my heart knows what to give them.

My friends and family keep asking when am I going to retire, but all I know is not now.  I know my age qualifies me for retirement, but my spirit and thankfully my body does not, at least not for now.

The moon is waxing nicely.  As I drove home tonight it rose in the night sky as the sun set.   The air is chilly.  My mom would say we are in the middle of blackberry winter.  The blackberries are blooming and Easter is just around the corner.  For some reason, Easter always seems to bring a cold snap.

Hook, the pitt bull needed cuddle time tonight.  Taz and Calliou are asleep, but Hook ( all 100 pounds of him) climbed up in my lap, lay his head on my knees and began to snore.  He so rarely wants to be petted or cuddled so we shared some couch time.  Because he is deaf I was worried about how he would fit in with the other dogs, but all three have become friends.  I am so glad we took him in.

I am way past tired tonight.  This weekend will be all about practicing for our gig on April 22 and Rick has a book signing this Sunday afternoon at the local mall.  I also brought all the yoga mats home to wash.  One breath at a time and it will be get done.

Tomorrow is Friday, someone will need a smile and maybe even a hug and everyone will need kindness.  Pass it on.  Wishing all of you a good day, a good weekend.

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  1. Everyone is asking me the same question, When are your retiring Julia? At almost 71, I still get up very early to go to work 7 days a week. A week feels like 3 days because the time goes so fast.
    I would like to retire and get up a little later but I like being active.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia