Friday, April 7, 2017

Find Some Balance

"Life is all about balance."  That is the sign on the yard art that our great nephew Jordan bought for us today.    What can I say?  This nine year old knows me so well, he knew that Rick and I would love the treasure that he bought for us.   It is a bike with wheels that spin in the wind and a headlamp that is a solar light.  It has a place of honor on our deck.

Life is all about balance isn't it?  You can let your job, bills, world events and natural disasters take over your life, but a nine year old full of joy and love and a piece of yard art puts it all in perspective.
It is the simple question that I ask in my class daily, "what time is it, where are you?"  The time is now and you are here.  A life in balance is what so many seek, but they don't realize how simple finding that balance can be.

Tomorrow find some balance.  Walk barefoot on the grass.  Eat an ice cream cone.  Hug someone.
Don't be afraid to look foolish.  Feel the wind and sun on your face.  Laugh out loud.  Take your watch off and put your cell phone away for an hour.  Breathe.


  1. It's difficult to find balance when calves keep being born one after the other. Certain things we can't ignore in life.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Jordan has a good eye for one so young. It is a great gift.