Friday, April 14, 2017

Strange Spring

I can never in all of my life remember an Easter weekend this warm.  It was 90 degrees today.
It has been a strange spring.  Pollen counts are off the charts, all the trees are green, except for fruit trees.  Normally our peach tree blooms in February,  it has bloomed out this week.  The apple trees are just starting to show young green buds.  It looks and feels like summer yet something feels so strange about it.

We will plant some of our garden tomorrow.  Normally we don't plant until May but, it is so warm now the summer heat and drought might hit us soon.

Easter weekend.  Easter was a big deal when I was a child.  It always involved a new dress, shoes, hat and usually a spring coat or topper as my mom called them.  I did not get a lot of new clothes, but I did get a dress for Easter, one for Christmas and a couple when school started.  I loved all my dresses except those made of organza.  Those were the ruffled, stiff, scratchy ones.  I was miserable when I had to wear them.  I also loved my hats.  It is too bad that wearing hats is not as fashionable as it once was.

We will visit my sister and her family and Rick's sister and her family on Sunday.  Sunday afternoon,
the great nieces and nephews are coming over for grilled hot dogs and a soccer game.  It will be our first hot dog meal of the season.

Many of you have probably attended church services tonight.  May you experience peace this holiday weekend and may you carry it with you throughout next week.  Don't forget to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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  1. I love family traditions we made some for our family as they grew up. I can only remember mom making lots of sweet desert for Easter and we had the traditional easter egg candies when I grew up. We were happy and grateful.

    Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Julia