Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Send Good Thoughts

Yoga and meditation classes were incredible today.  I am such a lucky teacher.  Having students who are so thirsty for knowledge is what every teacher hopes for.  I have learned to cherish these moments, you don't get them every day.

Today was picture perfect, 82 degrees, blue skies, gentle breezes.  The weather guys are saying mother nature will show us her nasty side tomorrow.  The jet stream and the gulf stream are going to see who is the strongest and baddest.  I admit it is scary stuff.  We have one line coming early morning and then the next after lunch.  Thoughts of April 27 five years ago keep rolling through my brain and probably everyone else's who lives in Alabama and the southeast.  Hoping that momma takes pity on all of us and calms down.  No school tomorrow.

Send us your good thoughts.

Spread a little love, kindness and joy where ever you go tomorrow.  Everybody needs some.


  1. I hope you'll all stay safe tomorrow.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I know you were expecting the worst but hopefully it wasn't too bad. My niece who teaches at Auburn had classes cancelled. We're having storms as I write this and then snow will arrive on Friday followed by 70de temps on Sunday. No wonder everyone around these parts is sick! Stay safe!