Saturday, April 29, 2017


My hunny bunny upgraded my iPhone today.  It's much bigger than my old one, and it is rose gold.
Rose gold, fancy word for soft pink.  Me and cell phones, me and technology don't really jive, so I was not sure about a new phone.   But the camera is so worth it.  Now Rick is jealous.  I see an upgrade in his future soon.

It has been a beautiful hot day.  Much too warm for April, but what can you do?  I ventured out today, for errands and such.  What a transformation.  So good to feel good.

The picture I took with my new phone is another flower, of course.  Foxgloves were always in my mom and my grandmother Mamie's gardens.  I make sure they are always in mine as well.  I think they are elegant and the colors rich.  A few years ago I had a yellow one, am looking for yellow now and peach.  I know they are somewhere waiting for me.

My transformation this week has been a rough one, but it taught me a lesson.  Sometimes the teacher forgets to practice what she teaches.  The lesson, hydrate in hot weather and take frequent cooling breaks.

May your Sunday be all things peaceful, may you feel joy and know kindness.


  1. Your photo is beautiful with the new upgrade but the real star of course is the foxglove! I love them and have tried to grow them here but they never do well. Maybe I need to read up on the soil type or something and try again! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. A great photo from your phone. I love and grew foxgloves before but for some reason, they never came back up again. I think the flood killed them.

    I need to upgrade my phone too but like you, I'm not techy either but I can learn.

    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Hugs, Julia