Sunday, April 9, 2017

Moon Gaze

Rick was supposed to have had a book signing today at the local library in Jasper.  But things happen and the library was unable to  host the event.  In the past, the local mall had hosted several signings for him and they graciously agreed to do that today.    It was probably one of the most successful signings he has ever done.  Books were sold, cds were sold, new friends were made, old friends came by and the local cable show did an interview with us.  We had a great day.

It has been a very good weekend, busy but very good.  Tonight I am tired.  It's ok.   As my mom use to say, I can rest when I am dead.  :)  The almost full moon is shinning down on me through the window.  What is it about that silvery orb that gives me such hope?  I look up at the night sky and know that all is well for right now.

My cup of hot tea is ready and so am I.  Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week and Passover for some of you.  A holy week for many.  May you all celebrate your connection to spirit, and whatever your religious beliefs are, may you know and share kindness and love.  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.   Be sure to moon gaze.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. All is well that ends well. Sometimes when thing don't go as planned, it's for the best... I'm glad Rick sold lots of books and CDs. A great way to end the week.

    Hugs, Julia