Friday, November 20, 2015

Trees and Moons

The half moon has been so lovely the past couple of nights.  I am hoping that for the full moon this week we have clear skies.  I am calling this a gratitude moon, after all reaching it fullness by Thanksgiving, what else could you call it?

We have our first freeze warning issued for the weekend, time to move plants into the house.
The two big citrus trees were brought in this afternoon.  It took me an hour of pruning but they look great tonight.  Tomorrow, the mango and avocado trees will be moved in.  We have so many big plants now, it gets a little congested when we bring them all in and usually by spring, I am a little claustrophobic.

Rather worn from the gig and the road, there is a cup of peppermint tea calling me softly.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Rick need to build you a greenhouse to hold all your big trees. Hugs,

  2. We might get a high above freezing in a couple of days. Our first snowfall looks like about 7 inches. Could be a little less or a little more.

  3. My family in Chicago got lots of snow and we may get some tonight. It's been such a nice Fall that I guess I won't complain...too much!