Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You

To all who have served, and to those who are still serving, Thank You!  Happy Veteran's Day!

My dad and mom, just before he left for war.  He was an Air Force medic, who served in Germany and France.  I never knew until many years after he died, that he was a decorated hero.  He refused to talk about the war.  I just know that many times through the years, he seemed so sad.

Sadly, I know now that he must have suffered miserably with PTSD all those years.  Now it  is ironic that I spend my work days doing everything I can to help my students who have PTSD  cope with their daily lives.

Looking at that picture of my dad and mom, they look so happy, so full of hope.  I am lucky to have had such good loving parents.  They taught me to always be of service to my friends, family, community and mankind.  RIP mom and dad.

Thanks to all of you Veterans for your sacrifices.


  1. A great tribute to your parents and those who served that we may have peace and freedom.
    PS, take care of the old boy.

  2. I have noticed that most people who were in the battles do not have much to say about them. I think the pain must be to deep and at the same time in danger of overwhelming.