Saturday, November 7, 2015

No Tomatoes

We drove south this morning for our gig.  It rained all night and has rained all day. It began warm and muggy, now it is damp and chilly.

The gig was a good one.  I love playing for art councils and  festivals.  As I told my friend Louis when we got home this evening, "anytime they don't throw tomatoes at you, and they ask you to come back, it's a good gig."  No tomatoes, and they asked us to play for future events.  :)

It felt good to play today.  I am hoping this leads to more bookings for the next few months.
Rick is doing what he usually does every Saturday night  in autumn, watching Alabama football. I go by the tv room every once in awhile to make sure he's still breathing.  :)  He does love his football.

I am exhausted.  I don't eat before gigs. I run on Adrenalin and after it is over, I am empty.
I had plans on cleaning the fridge tonight, but I am passing on that.  Taz and I will sit by fire, read and drink a cup of tea.

Here's to a peaceful Sunday and no tomatoes.


  1. I know you'll never get tomatoes thrown at you! You and Rick do a wonderful job of entertaining and I hope you have many more gigs in the future. Enjoy your peaceful Sunday!

  2. I doubt that anyone would ever throw tomatoes at nice folks like you two. Of course you got invited back.
    I'm not a sport fan and neither is my husband, but he makes up by watching Power and Politic... I stay away from the TV when he does. I think I would prefer Football, lol...
    Have a restful Sunday.