Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Golden Gift

As I started my second class today, we were half way through beginning breath work, I looked out my windows and saw the most beautiful golden light.  It had rained all day, monsoonal rains, pouring sheets of water at times.  The sky had been gray since yesterday.

I asked the class to open their eyes.  I told them to look out the windows and see the most wonderful gift the universe had given us.  The whole world was bathed in shimmering golden light.  Never have I seen light that looked like spun gold, but this light did. It took my breath away.  If light can give hope, this light did.

That golden light set the tone for the entire class.  A peace settled over the class, students moved through asanas effortlessly and gracefully.  Those who came into class, troubled, became subdued and calm.  I often talk about healing breath and light.  We experienced healing light in that class this evening.

It was another day of saying goodbyes and hellos.  The gift of golden light seemed to put it all in perspective.  For everyone today was a new beginning, wrapped in gold.  A gift to remember, a gift to treasure.


  1. I love this image. "a new beginning, wrapped in gold. A gift to remember, a gift to treasure." Surely one that enveloped the entire room.

  2. That was truly a beautiful gift. I'm glad your students were so receptive after you set the tone.
    Wishing you another golden day.

  3. More people need to get in tune with nature. We are all one. It's a beautiful thing.

  4. A visual lesson can be remembered longer than some others.

  5. I love those kinds of special gifts...I'm sure every day holds them but I'm not always in the right spot or frame of mind to see them! I'm glad you were and that your students also benefited from this golden treasure.