Thursday, November 19, 2015


Tonight was an awesome gig. Nothing like an audience that gets what you are doing.  What fun.
I love seeing people smile when we play or listening to our words...we are not a band, but there were even people dancing.

Music is a healer. It reminds us of better times and of sad times.  It brings joy and reconnects us to our memories.  It brings out the human in all of us.  I am so grateful for music.

One of the gentlemen in the audience tonight said, "can you imagine how horrible the world would be without music, who would want to live here?"  I agree, music and art keep us sane, keep us human.
I am so thankful for my talents, however small they may be.

Goodnight Sweet dreams

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  1. Yes, I agree that music is so important and healing.
    Even Alzheimer patients react positively to hearing old familiar songs they knew when younger. It awakens some memories locked up inside.

    It's truly a great gift to share with the world.