Sunday, November 22, 2015

Laugh Out Loud

While we were at our gig Thursday night, a friend we have known for some 40 years made her final transformation.   The last few years we hadn't seen each other  as much as we did in the early years.
Life took us down different paths.  We went to pay our last respects to her today.

As Rick and I stood waiting to speak to her husband and children, her sister came over and spoke to us.
There was a large crowd, actually the church was full of people who had come to celebrate Debbie's life.  Her sister Donna looked at me and said "she would have loved this, all these people here."
I agreed.  We talked about Debbie's wicked sense of humor. After spending time with her, if you had not laughed, it was your own fault.  She really could have been a stand-up comedienne.

I have often said through the years that it seems so many people have lost the ability to laugh.
I think a sense of humor, the ability to smile and laugh is vital for kindness and survival.
Our small world lost someone who valued laughter, who laughed out loud and encouraged those around her to laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine for physical ills and spiritual woes, especially the ability to laugh at ones self.

I  encourage students, friends, family and those who read this blog to laugh out loud daily.
Tomorrow, in memory and honor of our friend Debbie...laugh out loud.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. My father would have been proud at the number of people who cared enough to pay their respects to him. It is comforting to know your loved one was appreciated.

  2. I agree, humour is vital to good health. Especially laughing at ourselves.
    Have a great day Jilda. Our rain turned to snow this morning. Winter has arrived.