Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rare Blue Moon

Every once in a blue moon I get a group of students that are so incredible they take my breath.
For the past few months, I have had one of those groups.  They are kind, brilliant, clever, funny, smart, the best of the best.  They began to leave the program a couple of weeks ago and soon they will all be gone...back out into the world to hopefully live the lives they were born to live.

I have cried  many tears in the past weeks, saying goodbye to them, saying prayers for them, hoping with all my heart that they go home and live the life they long for.  I pray that their choices are the right ones for them and they have the courage to walk the path that leads to a peaceful life.

Rick is feeling better tonight and I am very tired.  I think warm flannel sheets and hot tea will do me good.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. I'm sure that you personally take on a lot of the hurt that the students are feeling. It's good that you have had a great group that are responding positively.
    I hope that you woke up well refreshed.
    I'm glad that Rick is feeling better. You are a lucky girl that he went out of his way to fill up your gas tank.

    Have a great day.

  2. Be comforted by the difference you made in your lives.

    Warm flannel sheets sound wonderful. Tea, too.