Friday, March 28, 2014

Yoga Thoughts

Today several of my students talked about how yoga had helped them the past few talked about how much her flexibility had talked about how much better his nights were and the quality of his sleep.....another talked about how much calmer and peaceful he felt........I was not surprised.

People are often surprised that yoga helps them in ways that previous exercise classes did not.
I explain to them that I don't teach yoga as an exercise class, but as a  mind body experience.....heavy on breath work and relaxation.  I explain that no matter what your beliefs are, the stillness and inward journey that yoga takes you on can strengthen those beliefs.  I believe that yoga is healing.......with the breath work and relaxation......healing for the mind, body and soul can begin to take place.

Classes were good for me today as well.......sometimes the teacher needs the class as much or more than the students.  I tell my students often, that their participation in class gives me way more than I give to them.

Wishes for a good weekend for all of you, we have storms coming at us tonight, but maybe a clearing by noon tomorrow.  Be kind to yourself this weekend.....that kindness will spill over to others.


  1. You've inspired me to look into yoga .. I'm not sure I can hold all the poses but I can try... I think I need to learn how to relax :-)

  2. As soon as I am back from Babyland with my daughter and new little girl I am looking into yoga classes. xo Diana