Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just Like All of Us

Some days you just have to step back and think things over......I have been doing that for several days now.  There have been few times in my life when I have given serious thought to what I want.  Most times my decisions have weighed heavily on what those around me, wanted or needed.

Health issues, life changes, age......so many things come into play at various times in our lives.  A decision we made at 25 would probably be quite different at age 45, same goes for one made at 50 or 60.  Needs and wants change with our lives, what was once important may cease to be, and the mundane may become high priority.

I see these same scenarios daily with my students........all at different stages of their lives,  and what might once have been important, doesn't matter any more.  Goals are redefined, skills
reassessed  and lives viewed totally different. When you make the decision to live life to its fullest, to be healthy, to take care of you and let go of old wounds and hurts......a breath of fresh air sweeps into your life.

Several of my students will say goodbye to me this week.......they leave the center to go start life over, to pick up pieces, to mend fences, to make new starts.  They are scared and excited.....because they have possibilities.  I too, am scared for them and excited......some will go forth and truly live again.....others will not......some will be killed by their disease of addiction.  If they only knew, how many prayers I have said for them, how much love I send with them......but in the end.....their choices, their decisions are the paths they go down....just like all of us.


  1. Oh- If we could only pray them all well.....it is hard to say good-bye when you know that some of those good-byes will be final ones.

  2. This is so true Jilda, I have been thinking the same thing... I had goals at 20 that today I could care less about... I have new goals, especially once I started to get healthy.

    I will pray for students too... it is a tough thing to overcome... addiction.