Saturday, March 22, 2014

Something Beautiful

Our friends Kaye and Jamie gave us this beautiful camellia for Christmas.  She was covered in buds.....she has since been through three snows and faced temperatures of five degrees with below zero wind-chills.  I honestly thought there would be no blooms......what a surprise.  The past couple of sunny days gave life to her wilted buds and she blossomed.

I love receiving plants as gifts.  They are daily reminders of the ones who gave them.....they are daily reminders of love.

I hope your Saturday included something beautiful, a giggle or two, and a hug.


  1. Warm evening visiting with old friends (more than 45 years friends). Such a pleasure. Hugs Jilda.

  2. Some things survive under the worst of circumstances ever...and others fail to bloom in the richest of conditions.
    We have had a wonderful huggy day here with our newborn baby girl. xo Diana