Wednesday, March 12, 2014


#27.... it is becoming a blur, and the time between each treatment shrinks.  I am not brave, I am not strong.....I am doing what it takes to live my life, because I love it so much.
Those green chairs feel like home, no longer intimidating, no longer scary......just a part of my life.

The nurses are old friends now, we know each other,  our lives have meshed......strange as it might seem, I look forward to seeing them.  Louis, my chair buddy and partner in crime, was there today.
After his health scare last month, seeing his face today was  a joyful occasion. He looked so good, so much healthier than last time.

This evening has been restful, tomorrow will be a couch day.  Yesterday it was 75 degrees, tonight it is already in the 30's......maybe a walk, a short walk to the barn tomorrow.
How can lying in a big green chair be so exhausting?  How can the clear jelly be so good for you, yet make you feel so bad?

Wednesday night, hump day.......wishing you all the sweetest of dreams, may the rest of your week be as easy and smooth as a big spoon of honey.


  1. Jilda- I am happy/sad for you. Happy that the green chair gives you life and sad that it makes you ill at the same time. A circle with no end. I pray that tomorrow is a better day for you.

    We have a new little life in the world today- born late yesterday- a 9# 1 oz curly haired little girl (using the term "little" loosely). I am spending the night at the hospital with my daughter to help her lift the baby after her C-section. Her 3rd stomach surgery so she needs extra care. Have a great night- xo Diana

  2. Warm wrapped in you cozy blanket hug Jilda. I thought about you today.

  3. Take care of yourself and be strong Jilda :)

  4. I stopped by the room at our hospital with the big "blue" chairs Tuesday. Every time I see them I think of you. I hope you're feeling better today and the weekend will be a good one. Feel free to send the 75de temps up north! After yesterday's blizzard like weather I'll even take the 30de!

  5. Rest as much as possible, it will help you get back to it when you are ready... I hope you feel better soon :)