Friday, March 21, 2014

Faith and Hope

Faith......a complete trust in someone or something

Hope......a feeling of expectation for a certain thing to happen

Faith and hope.......I have kept these words in my brain for the past few days.  I have friends who are going through very trying times in their lives, and for them,  I keep hope and faith that all will be well.

I think sometimes it is easier to embrace those two words for others than for ourselves.   At times during the past two and half years of monthly treatments, faith and hope have sometimes hidden themselves from me.....but I know my friends and family have kept them for me.

That's important you know, when the chips are down and you might not have hope or faith in your life, that others who love you do.  I believe with all my heart that your faith and hope for someone else can help them......if nothing else, it reminds them of how much they are loved.

Faith and hope.....such small words.....such powerful words.  If they have become lost in your vocabulary or they  no longer live in your heart......I bet there are those around you who are keeping them for you.....and one day, you'll find them again.

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  1. I have lost Faith and Hope throughout different times in my life but I always find them ... you are right, other people keep it alive for you until you can find it again. It is not always easy ....