Thursday, March 13, 2014

Claim Your Space

There is a posture I teach in yoga called five point star.......usually when I teach it, I start by explaining that I understand the feeling of being invisible.....I then discuss claiming your space.  When you are in five point star, you stand in a wide stance with arms up and out with fingers spread.....your head, arms and legs form that star. I talk about not hiding in the shadows when you feel small and invisible, but to remember that five point star.  Claim your space in life and shine like those stars in the heavens.  Every time I teach that pose, I see people smile as they claim their space.

There is nothing worse than feeling invisible, that sensation of living in the shadows.....if you feel that way long enough, all sense of confidence disappears and with it, all sense of worth.
There are many things and circumstances that cause us to feel usually happens slowly, family issues, jobs, illness, our relationships.  For most, it is not something we feel every day......we just have our moments.  For those moments.......stand tall, breathe deeply
and if need be.......take a stance in five point star and take five deep breaths.  Remind yourself of your accomplishments, no matter what they are, how big or how small......and refuse to allow anyone to let you feel that way.  We are all stars that light up the universe, we each have our space.....don't let anyone take it away.

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  1. This was touching...I love that idea of claiming your space, I am going to teach that to my ten year old.. it is never too early to inspire someone:)