Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time Thoughts

A spring forward tonight, daylight lasts longer in the spring and summer come we spring forward?  and why don't we spring forward on the actual first day of spring and fall back on the first day of fall?  Wouldn't that be simpler if we are going to manipulate time?  This Daylight Savings Time seems a perfectly good waste of government time and many hours and days were spent to pass the bill, how many more important issues were passed over?  Just curious about this stuff.  I admire the states that did not adopt it.

So what will you do with all your extra day light hours?  Do you spend more time outdoors?
It's interesting to hear friends and family talk about the longer days, but I'm not sure how much extra time we spend outdoors.  For me, the toughest thing about Daylight Savings is the fact that the mornings are darker and it is  harder for me to get going.  About the time, my body gets use to the change, it's time to switch again.

I have often wondered what it would be like to live a life without recording clocks, no calendars......just to live each day as it unfolds, work while it is daylight, sleep when it is dark.  My grandparents lived that way.....when I was a kid I thought they were crazy, to go to bed at sundown and get up at sunset......but now and then, it seems like a really good idea.
So, I find myself looking at the clock tonight......I go to bed my normal time, yet it is an hour we ever truly get back that hour we lost?

All these time thoughts have made me dizzy, and probably you too.
Goodnight Sweet dreams
Don't forget to spring forward!


  1. LOL- For us here in the Midwest I do like the extra hour of sunlight at night. It means that we can spend extra time out on the Bay with the kids after school-but, like you, I don't like the longer, dark mornings. I guess it is a trade off. What is really miserable is for the people that live across state lines where the time does NOT change but are employed in a state where it DOES change. They have a huge adjustment to make. xo Diana

  2. I don't like the longer darker mornings... I get up at 4:00 am usually and now it will be tougher to get myself out of bed then... Oh well, just another thing to get used to...